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Microsoft WordPad
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Microsoft WordPad 1
Microsoft WordPad is the most basic rich text editor offered by the mega technology firm from Seattle.

Unlike Word, WordPad is brutally simple, without any complex features. Text cannot be formatted in different styles, fancy fonts can’t be implemented, and data cannot be arranged with functions.

However, that is where the program shines. Its brutal simplicity makes creating and editing documents wildly easy, as there are barely any tools available, and hardly any settings which can be changed.

As a result, users with even the most minor amount of technical knowledge can operate the program to take notes, create lists, or highlight content that should be reviewed at another time.

Yet, due to its Microsoft origins, the text editor can also create or edit files that come from sister programs, such as Word. If the content requires more advanced formatting and technology, then users can simply load it into Word, and add the desired features.

All in all, WordPad serves a great purpose – which is to provide a rich text editor for those who desire nothing but the basics.

Software Review

Rich text editor equipped with nothing but the absolute basics.

Microsoft Word is likely the best word processor currently on the market. But due to a host of different features and settings, it can be difficult for novice users to get the hang of. Particularly those who struggle to deal with computers.

Thankfully, there is a much simpler version, which allows users to create and edit documents without having to adjust formats and text options. And that version is Microsoft WordPad.

Microsoft WordPad is a rich text editor that makes note-taking an absolute breeze. There are no fancy options, no delicate formats, and no colorful schemes. Simply just text editing, at its absolute finest.

As a result, WordPad can be used for countless different purposes. It can be used by office workers taking notes at the weekly meeting, students jotting down the information from a lecture, or business owners creating basic to-do lists. However, if the files require more complexity, they can be transferred into Word, as the two programs seamlessly merge documents together.

Experience true simplicity today when you rely on WordPad for all of your note-taking needs.

● Rich Text Editing – Create basic rich text documents that can be saved, edited, and shared with others in a simplistic text editor. WordPad lacks many of the abilities of Microsoft Word, but still allows users to create basic documents that can be saved or shared with others.

● Efficient Note-Taking – Scribble down notes into WordPad while at university, the office, or an educational seminar. The rich text editor makes note-taking easier than ever before, with its basic controls and settings that simplify the writing process.

● Save, Share, and Collaborate – Save the notes taken in WordPad with basic formats such as .txt, .rtf, or .doc. Saved documents can be sent to other users, stored on a hard drive, or uploaded into Word for additional features.

Choose Microsoft WordPad today and make note-taking simpler than ever before.

Microsoft WordPad is available exclusively for Microsoft Windows.


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Astro says:
  • More advanced than Microsoft Notepad
  • Users can print, save text documents
  • Works with all RTF files
  • Users can't create tables or graphs.
  • Lacks tools like spell check, thesaurus
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Last updated:14/4/2009
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000
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